Sunday, August 16, 2009


The Cat Realm in their last Dare had asked to create fun games and things for the Cat Blogosphere to do. This project here is one of the two winning entries (Diamond Emerald-Eyes entry being the other).
Milo and Alfie came up with this idea:
* To create a NUDE charity Calendar for cats!
* Each Cat sends their norty picshure in
* They state which month they are representing
* The month they represent should be reflected in the picshure (E.G. wearing a Christmas hat for December)
* All cats entering a picshure should be willing to make a donation to a cat charity of their choice in their home town
* The winning pics selected for the calendar should be published on the blog with huge KUDOS for the chosen ones!
If you can make a donation to a cat charity: GREAT, and please, please do so!
If not you can still enter, times are tough, not all of us have money to donate but we don't want to exclude anyone based on their income level!
YOU decide if you are able to donate or not, and you don't have to tell us.

Create your nude, naughty picture, reflecting the month of your choice (hopefully we won't get only December pictures.....) and post it here. You can do it with Image editing programs or "life" with real props! And with all the practice you just had with Monty's contest of doing the Full Monty this should be a piece of cake to do!
Put your name and month in the post title, and leave a link to your blog or Catster/Dogster page in the post. Noms friends are welcome to participate.
Log into blogger as calendarcats, password nudecats4CB
See an example post below.
Grab one of the buttons in the sidebar for display on your blog!
We will vote for entries later in the year and winners will have to email us a release form for their pictures if they want to be in the calendars, details will follow.


  1. We're thrilled and proud that our idea is being done!
    Our own entry will be up very soon (later this week) then we'll pop back and leave the linkie.

    Milo and Alfie Marshall xx

  2. Hi,

    We have done our entry post today! We are:

    Jointly we are the: DECEMBER DUDES
    Alfie-Valentini is: Mr FEBRUARY
    Milo aka Mr Hot is: Mr AUGUST

    This is the link to our post with the images:

    From Milo and Alfie Marshall xx

  3. Hi,

    The 3-D Cats have posted their entry today and here is the link:

    Dylan is on his first picnic of the season for JUNE.
    Domino is happy to be back at school in OCTOBER.
    Dante is celebrating New Year's in JANUARY.

    From Dante, Dylan and Domino (Wendy's 3-D Cats)

  4. It's me again. I'd like to change the months for Dylan and Domino, if possible.

    Dylan would like to be MAY (instead of JUNE).
    Domino would like to be SEPTEMBER (instead of October).
    Dante is happy being JANUARY.


  5. I hope we are doing this right. Here is Pinky's entry for June on the beach. The image can be found here
    Our blog is

  6. Hmm...The very best such 'norty pickshur' I have is of a kitty who passed on last year... would that be allowed in, I wonder..?? (as a sort of memorial??)